Connect with nature, feel great and have more meaning in your life.

people busily rushing around in city

The problem

We're so stressed!

In our screen-filled everyday indoor lives, we’re rushing from one task to the next, and it feels like there’s never enough time to accomplish everything.

On top of that, we’re being bombarded by news about terrible happenings in the world, and our negativity bias (survival instinct to pay attention to bad things) is being exploited.

We’re left feeling exhausted, discouraged and insecure.

woman in forest connecting with nature

The solution

Connect with nature. Feel great. Find meaning.

Take back control of your life.

Devote the time you would’ve spent on attention-grabbing news to going outside and breathing fresh air.

Ever notice how you return feeling energized after a walk in the park, and can approach your problems from a new perspective?

Taking a break actually increases productivity.

Don’t let the uncertainty in the world bring you down. Aspire to live more in sync with nature. 

Be soothed by the smell of warm earth, the sight of spring flowers, the sound of birdsong, the caress of a light breeze and the taste of an apple, fresh from the tree!

You deserve to feel great and have more meaning in your life.

Three steps

To getting outside, connecting with nature and feeling great


Be inspired

Get the inspiring and down-to-earth newsletter and be motivated to go outside and connect with nature.

man in forest looking upward


Connect with nature

Check out the Instagram post. Go for a walk in the park and benefit from the magic of the natural world.

woman connecting with nature on bridge


Feel great

Make a habit of getting outside with others and share your photos on Instagram with like-minded peeps.

grandmother walking with grandchild out in nature

Raise the bar


You deserve peace of mind knowing you’re taking care of your health and well-being.

barefoot woman on rocks by ocean connecting with nature

Your friends

Your friends deserve a break. Invite them out in nature for an invigorating breath of fresh air.

men connecting with nature in rain with backpacks

Your family

Your family deserves time together. Create your own outdoor adventures and lasting memories.

kids connecting with nature in river

What others are saying

I feel unconstrainted snowshoeing in the woods. My body feels agile and younger. Later when I am falling asleep at home in the city my mind overflows with memories of the breeze on my face, the scent of cedars and images of purple shadows of pines on deep pillowy snowdrifts.
Ottawa, ON, Canada
I like walking in the woods because it is fun and makes me feel good.
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Any day that I stay indoors, I feel myself craving some fresh air and outdoor sights by afternoon. I feel tired and irritable when I have too much indoor time. Since I usually listen to the radio much of the time when I am indoors, I appreciate the alternate silence and natural sounds of the wind in the trees, the rain and the birds. There are small differences daily in the outdoor scene as the seasons pass and change. I think the world would be a better place if everyone had the ability to spend some time outside to calm their mood and raise their positive energy.
Perth, ON, Canada
For me, spending time in nature is the greatest gift. It grounds me, I forget everything and am completely in the moment. Although I've been walking the same route for years, I never experience the same thing twice. Each day is unique. Nature and I grow together. It evolves in cycles just like me. The trees, plants, animals, stones and clouds are both teachers and friends. I enjoy letting nature surprise me with what it has in store. I can enjoy it in any weather, with all my senses and I feel refreshed, inspired and part of the bigger picture. Take this morning, for example. I went out in the dark, in the wind and drizzle. After a few steps, I noticed lighter clouds below the dark black layers. The drizzle stopped and the sun rose. The trees turned stunning shades of red and orange against the blue-black sky. Lost in contemplation of this magical play of colours, I suddenly heard a gray heron calling near me. It was only about two metres away when it flew by. At the same moment, a second heron rose from the reeds. They both flew close by and headed off in two different directions. As I watched one of them fly away, I noticed a beautiful rainbow behind me. I felt so happy, fulfilled and grateful for these precious gifts. I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning, to starting the new day outside in nature. Thank you life. 🙂
Ingolstadt, Germany
woman hiking and connecting with nature by waterfalls

Feel great

Be full of health and vitality

Just imagine how good it would feel to be outside in fresh air and natural light instead of losing track of your valuable time while on your devices.

Taking a break actually helps increase productivity.

Be astounded by the positive changes you start making in your life and the ripple effect this has on people around you.

Energy, inspiration and enthusiasm are catalysts to feeling great and having a meaningful life.

Beth Trower Fischer

Beth Trower Fischer

At home outdoors and awkward in a shopping centre

I’m a nature-lover, having spent countless hours outdoors, but for the past five years or so, I was prioritizing my to-do list and felt frustrated by the end of the day when it had increased in length, and I hadn’t gone outside for a single breath of fresh air.

Aggravating the situation was the constant presence and negativity of the news. It left me feeling discouraged and distracted, and my productivity was embarrassing, not to mention my lack of fitness.

Enough was enough. It was time for a change.

Enter nature

I broke the habit of obsessively following the news, and used this time to get outside.

I now live in sync with the rhythm of nature, my life has more meaning and I love how healthy I feel!

Trillium Inspirations is all about experiencing the magic of nature. It’s about letting fresh air invigorate and relax us. It’s about benefitting from improved energy, immunity, mood and sleep—the perfect foundation for a journey to feeling great and having more meaning in life.

It’s time to create an even better new normal. What aspect of your life could use improvement? Are you prioritizing the right things?

As the keeper of your own well-being, it’s time to reclaim your power.

Ever heard this old saying?

“There are three types of people: those who watch things happen, those who make things happen and those who wonder what just happened.”

Which are you?

Join me

You owe it to yourself to make the best of your life.

Get out in nature and feel great!

Post a photo of your experience on Instagram to encourage others.

Just imagine a world in which everyone felt this good. Don’t let vulnerability and negativity win.

What do you have to lose by giving it a try?

trillium erectus

Trillium erectum

The beth root

Did you know the red trillium is also called the birth root or beth root? Here at Trillium Inspirations, it represents the birth of new ideas, goals, habits, creations and anything else you’re inspired to bring into the world.

Take a break from your devices. Get outside. Connect with nature. Feel great. Have more meaning in your life.

The world needs your contribution. Don’t be afraid to glow.