Everyone’s worst nightmare

Being lost with someone you can’t relate to

Anna and Nathan’s worlds collide when they’re reluctantly paired up for a week-long canoe trip with a group of preteens they barely know. After disaster strikes and the 12-year-olds are separated from the others, they find themselves lost in the Canadian wilderness at the mercy of the elements and woodland residents. Though they have food, shelter and a canoe, they have no map, only one paddle and can’t agree what to do next.

Anna reasons they should stay and wait for rescue, but Nathan harbours a painful secret that makes him desperate to get home.

Their predicament peaks with a betrayal, after which each of them comes face-to-face with their greatest fears and is forced to summon the courage they never knew they had.

But what good is courage now that there’s a rift between them? How will they ever get out of the deep trouble they’re in?

It depends on them. If they’re willing to help each other with personal problems, such as disharmony at home or trouble making friends, and if they can rebuild trust and cooperate with one another, they might just realize this adventure isn’t so unbearable after all.

Maybe they’ll even discover what’s up with that mysterious blue heron.

What readers are saying

I enjoyed reading Unbearable and didn’t want to put it down! It was exciting and fun to read. I liked how Anna and Nathan learned about themselves and each other through their experiences being lost together on an island. I can relate to their hatred of mosquitos and disgust at spiders crawling on them! The setting was so well described that I could imagine it clearly. It made me want to go canoeing this summer. I hope there’s a sequel to this story, maybe with Anna and Nathan’s siblings. I would give it 4.5/5 bear paws; I really liked the book!
Ottawa, ON, Canada
“I would give Unbearable 5/5 bear paws. I was really into it. I could hear people calling me and I did not care... It's one of the books where you just sit, reading it, and you become unaware of your surroundings… You’re not even reading the words, it’s just happening. It’s really hard to find a book that you actually give 5 stars because you lose yourself in it.”
Berkely, CA, USA
I liked the characters in this book, and I related to Anna having to deal with mean girls. It was nice to read a story with a female character who can look after herself. I learned a few things about canoeing too. I'm definitely going to suggest it to my friends. I hope this author writes more books. I give it five bear paws.
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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